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  • By: Carey Winder
  • Date: September 27, 2012
  • Time to read: 3 min.

What makes a girl real feminine?

Does the question sound weird? There are several ways for you to emphasize your femininity more. Your apparel, your jewelry and your accessories can reflect your being as a woman.

Another stuff you should not forget about women, this is their ever-sophisticated handbags. Women have a passion for handbags, which they use to place their make up kit every time they have their girl’s night out and even every day when going to work or school.

Handbags are sold in different sizes, colors and brands. It depends on your preference whether you will go for a small or a big one.

From the name itself, handbags are something you can conveniently carry anytime you want.

Usually, you use your handbags by matching it on the color and the type of outfit that you are wearing. It somehow adds accentuation to your entire look. It can even make you become more attractive for other people.

Handbags also come in various styles. It will depend on the kind of materials they are made of:

• Beaded Handbags– This is one of the most difficult design of a handbag. It requires a lot of artisanship for the designers because you need to connect the beads one by one following a particular pattern. The beads can also be coupled with crazy ornaments to make it appear more pleasing to the eyes.

• Straw Bags– From the name itself, this is made of straw materials. Different colors of straw are knitted to produce a lovely and stylish bag. This is a bit cheaper as compared to beaded bag.

• Novelty Bags– When you are going to attend for special occasions such as party and night out, this is the most preferable style of bag for you. These are also smaller and more colorful. This is made of linen materials.

• Stone Studs and Metallic Bags– This is almost a combination of the beaded and the novelty bag. It is made from a metallic cloth and designed with beads that appear to be like stones. This is also perfect for special occasions.

• Fabric Bags– It is also an alternative for your backpacks. Since fabric material is used for this type of bag, you can bring this when you are in a semi-rugged outfit. It is called fabric bags.

• Acrylic Photo Handbags– This is a different thing. It is one of the most expensive among the other types of bags because it is already made of acrylic pictures and illustrations. The materials used here are craftier.

• Canister Handbags– If you are fond of using cute stuffs, this is the most suited for you. It has a peculiar coffee can shape handbags that has the flap opening.

• Leather Handbags– If you want to take advantage of a good quality of bag that will last for longer usage, the leather bag is best for you.

All of the said types of bags can be yours anytime you want. You can have it for lesser costs by purchasing it wholesale.

If buying wholesale you can choose as many bags as yo want bags at a discounted price. Moreover, you can save your money for your other accessories.
Handbag wholesale sources can be found online. Just go to your favorite search engine and search for “handbags wholesale”

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