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Finding The Perfect Leather Luggage Bag For Travel

  • By: Carey Winder
  • Date: February 2, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

For some people, leather is not just for fashion. It’s also about functionality and finding the perfect leather luggage bag to match your style of travel.

Anyone who is someone who travels frequently knows that they need to make sure their luggage can handle the conditions of the road or airport floor. The ‘perfect’ leather luggage bag needs to be able to stand up against wear, tear, spills, dirt and grime while still looking stylish.

Of course, there are many advantages beyond durability when you choose leather over fabric or some other material. You will never have another issue with zippers breaking on you. There is no danger of pockets tearing open spilling items into another state – your dry cleaning bill would be enormous after a week away! And even leather that looks like it has seen better days still looks a million times better than a bag with a broken zipper.

leather luggage bag

Best luxury designer luggage brands

Using a leather luggage bag when travelling not only looks expensive but provides a high-quality solution when on the go. In this modern era, a leather luggage bag is a definite must-have item for anyone who travels frequently. There are many styles of leather luggage bags to choose from, ranging from simple leather duffle-type bags to leather backpacking luggage. In fact, luggage manufacturers such as TUMI, Briggs & Riley and TravelPro offer leather travel bags to meet your needs, and you can even find our top picks in this article from Amazon.

Durable Leather Luggage

The functionality of being able to have a leather luggage bag that will be your traveling companion wherever you go. Whether going across town or across the world leather luggage bags are designed to take on all conditions and come out looking as good as new. If this sounds appealing to you then carry on reading because here we will list some leather luggage bag styles and give you what you need to know in order to find ‘the one. Keep in mind that leather luggage bags usually come at a price point so make sure you’re willing to a few more dollars for the leather.

If you are a leather lover, there is no better leather luggage bag style for you than leather duffle bags. They are gorgeous pieces of art that will make any wardrobe look expensive and stylish. All leather duffle styles have one thing in common which is the fact they don’t have wheels or straps on them – they aren’t meant to be dragged around but worn over your shoulder just like the rich guys who move from airport to airport with ease. A leather duffle bag can come as a classy leather holdall or leather weekender. The price point of duffel bags goes up depending on how much leather is on them so expect to pay more for all leather varieties.

Why do people choose a leather luggage bag?

Leather storage containers have many benefits including classiness, durability and relative affordability when compared to other types of expensive luggage such as crocodile skin or fish skin leather storage containers. They also tend to be roomier than fabric alternatives, perfect for people who travel frequently or need a leather luggage bag for commuting to and from work

Benefits of using a leather travel bag

* Durability – Leather has long been recognized as an excellent material for making baggage because it can withstand great wear and tear without showing signs of damage. The leather will only look better with time as it develops its own patina through use and exposure to sunlight (frequent fliers know what mean).

* Appearance – Regardless of which leather luggage bag you choose, it will surely make a stylish impression on anyone who sees it. Leather is also an extremely flexible material that can be formed into many different styles and shapes to suit your needs.

* Longevity – Many leather travel bags include features such as heavy-duty zippers, multiple exterior pockets, sturdy leather carrying handles and reinforced leather bottom panels with feet to prevent scuffs. This means no matter how much you stuff your leather luggage bag (or how often), it will last longer than most other types of travel bags.

Top Leather Luggage Bag Care Tips

If you are planning on taking a leather luggage bag with you on your next trip, remember that leather has no give and it should not be over-packed. If you must take something fragile or oddly shaped, place it in an appropriately sized case inside your leather travel bag. Also make sure your leather luggage bag has several exterior pockets where you can stash your boarding passes, passports and other smaller items so they stay organized between flights (if you plan on checking the leather travel bag). Finally, carry-on leather travel bags usually have shoulder straps while some leather luggage bags include detachable handles carrying by hand or pulling along behind you. For the ultimate guide to looking after your leather goods, read this post by Aspinall of London.


In conclusion, leather luggage bags can be a stylish and cost-effective way to protect the items you take with you on your next trip. If you plan on taking leather luggage bags as carry-on luggage, remember that leather does not meet all of the requirements established by the TSA for travel in the aircraft cabin – leather must have feet or a protective bottom so it may ride safely under the seat in front of you. No matter which leather luggage bag you choose, leather has several distinct advantages over other types of travel bags: durability, appearance and longevity.

Shopping for leather bags can prove challenging with so much variety available in the market, so that is why you can enjoy shopping our top picks!