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Investing In A Classic Chanel Bag

  • By: Carey Winder
  • Date: February 18, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

A Chanel bag transcends fashion trends. Trend has a fantastic impact on us however Chanel is a brand that will forever offer timeless feminine pieces. These become items that you will want to pass down to your future children – they are that much of a status symbol.

Moreover, the traditional combination of black and white are popular due to their wear with all style. Purses are a perfect finishing piece to any outfit, and if you are looking for high fashion and an investment, then a Chanel bag will definitely fit the bill.

There are numerous individuals that love having and wearing the latest of this latest and as a result end up gathering piles of outfits and extras which get sold at some time for the mere purpose of making room within the house to the newer stylish ones. These used Chanel handbags seem quite well since absolutely everyone who owns such accessories cherishes and takes excellent care of these.

Which Is The Best Chanel Bag To Invest In?

The most iconic and popular Chanel bag is the Chanel 2.55 Reissue, due to it’s high quality mixed with perfect sizing for functionality. It is big enough to keep your essentials in such as lipstick, purse and money as well as your phone and a camera if you are in the industry where you document your luxury good purchases.

So how could you get a must have Chanel handbag?

Well, there’s always the option of going down-town and searching the brand stores with extremely shiny windows till you find the one you prefer and feel prepared to pay the cost. Based on what you want to match it with, you can make a choice of colour, style and shape, in addition to cloth or material. Sticking to neutral tones such as beige, white and black will ensure you can get maximum usage out of your Chanel bag.

Buying A Designer Handbag Online

Another choice might be to go on-line and access official store web sites which market Chanel handbags. If funds is an issue there is additionally the option of trying to find low cost bags. These may be those which have not sold over the time which they were supposed for or the types that are currently utilized but in good shape.

In case you choose to get on-line, you need to make certain the Internet site you access and sells Chanel handbag versions or any other big designer things is quite well-known and reliable. The cost they display for that fashion products should be lesser than in normal stores considering that they’re sold in a discount.

Nonetheless, bear in mind that a particularly low price must put you on guard and doubt the originality of this item. You can find people who would often try to take benefit of on the internet clients and trick them in to getting fakes. The serious websites sell numerous trend things from different designers and offer you very clear information about the products they offer.

Places such as Farfetch can offer great pre-loved bags if you are willing to look at that option, or if your heart is set on brand new, then somewhere like Sothebys could be the answer.

Do Chanel Bags Hold Their Value?

The simplest answer to this is a massive YES. For example the iconic Chanel Boy bag typically retains up to 90% of its value (care and quality dependant.) There are several of factors that go into whether a bag will retain its value.

Demand could be one, and external factors such as inflation could be another reason the value of your bag could alter. Not all designer bags are equal which is why on balance, Chanel seem to be one the most stable investments to make. If your bag is limited edition or in limited supply, this can also work in your favour if you are in possession of a sought after bag. These are all considerations to review before you make a designer purchase.

How Do I Care For My Chanel Bag?

Some of the most important advice around caring for a Chanel bag is to approach it’s care with caution, and to not to use water on it, as depending on the water quality where you are, it can leave damaging marks on the bag that will immediately devalue your purchase.

There are plenty of leather conditioning products on the market that you can use, alongside a clean and dry micro fibre cloth to keep your purse in pristine condition. Using this cloth to also polish the hardware keeps the beloved addition to your wardrobe in great shape. Couple this with a safe and proper storage solution will aid in preserving the life of your item.


All in all, if you are looking to invest in a Chanel bag then there is no better time. Chanel bags have consistently gone up in value and key bags have seen significant rises in both 2020 and 2021, even during a pandemic. If you are a fashion lover, this purse makes up a staple part of your wardrobe, designed to go with all outfits for many occasions – so if it is high style you are looking for then your search is over. If you want further information on purchasing a designer piece with confidence then read more in this blog post.

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